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New product launch-simple fire extinguisher

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Simple dry powder fire extinguisher



Model MFJ600 is a simple dry powder fire extinguisher with ABC dry powder fire extinguishing agent inside. It can be used to extinguish: Class A fire (ordinary solid material fire), Class B fire (flammable liquid fire), Class C fire (gas and steam fire), Class E fire (fire with electrified substances) and Class F fire (home kitchen fire) Wait. This product can quickly put out various types of initial fires, and has the characteristics of fast extinguishing, covering and isolation, and resistance to re-ignition. It is an ideal fire equipment for vehicles, ships, homes, hotels, offices and shopping malls.

Product performance parameters


Instructions for use

     1. Pull 2. Press 3. Sweep

When in use, it is 2-3 meters away from the flame, remove the safety, aim the nozzle at the flame heel or the tangential direction of the oil surface, and press the button. Just shoot. The operation is very convenient.



Simple water-based fire extinguisher


MSWJ520MSWJ520A simple water-based fire extinguisher, built-in film water extinguishing agent, non-corrosive, biodegradable, can be used to extinguish: Class A fire (common solid material fire), Class B fire (flammable liquid fire), Class E fire (charged Material fire) Class F fire (home kitchen fire), etc. This product can quickly extinguish the first fires of Class A and Class B, as well as general electrical equipment fires. The fire fighting distance is not less than 1 meter. It has the characteristics of rapid fire extinguishing, cooling and anti-resume. This product uses binary packaging spray cans, which can be sprayed in any position at 360 degrees. The driving gas is compressed air and does not spray with the fire extinguisher.

Product performance parameters



Instructions for use

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