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Portable water - based fire extinguisher MSZ/6

2020-10-16 15:36:07

product details

1. Structure and use:

 The MSZ/3 and 6 portable water-based fire extinguishers are composed of head, cylinder, spraying mechanism and other components. Using nitrogen as the driving gas, the S-3-AB environmentally friendly water-based fire extinguishing agent in the cylinder is sprayed out to extinguish flame. The technical performance meets the requirements of GB4351.1-2005.

The S-3-AB environmentally friendly water-based fire extinguishing agent is composed of water, penetrant, flame retardant and other additives. It is generally a liquid fire extinguishing agent that extinguishes fire in the form of droplets or a mixture of droplets and foam. A water-based fire extinguishing agent with a mixing ratio of 3% and the ability to extinguish Class AB fires. It is mainly suitable for fighting solid fires, non-water-soluble flammable liquid fires, especially the initial fires of petroleum products and fires of charged materials. It is used in conjunction with dry powder fire extinguishers to achieve better fire extinguishing effects. It is not suitable for fighting water-soluble flammable and combustible liquid, gas, and light metal fires.

2. How to use:

1. When using, pull out the safety pin first, press down on the handle, the medicine will be sprayed out immediately, aim the nozzle at the root of the flame and sweep it to quickly extinguish the flame.

2. When extinguishing an oil fire, be decisive and rapid. When extinguishing an oil fire, do not directly impact the oil surface, so as to prevent the oil from splashing and spreading the flame.

3. When using, it should be operated vertically, never lying down or upside down.

4. The spraying distance should be greater than 1 meter when extinguishing electrical fire. The power must be cut off when cleaning the scene after the fire is extinguished.

3. Main technical data (at 20℃)




Fire extinguishing dose /L

   3 0-5%

   6  0-5%

Effective injection time /s



Effective injection distance /m



Jet lag time /s



Injection residual rate /%



Driving nitrogen pressure /MPa



Fire extinguishing level

2A  55B  E

1A  55B  E

The use of temperature



Electrical insulation performance test voltage /KV



4. Maintenance:

1. This fire extinguisher is a pressure-storage container. Avoid collisions during transportation and storage. The place where the fire extinguisher is placed should be dry and ventilated to prevent freezing and dampness, rain and sun exposure.

2. The storage temperature of the fire extinguisher is +4~+45℃.

3. The user must inspect the fire extinguisher when it is set up, and then inspect it at a quarterly interval. When the environment is bad, the fire extinguisher should be inspected more frequently. It is found that the pressure indicator of the fire extinguisher is not in the green line area or once it is used, it must be sent to the designated maintenance unit for repair and refilling in accordance with relevant standards. The water pressure test, the water pressure test pressure is 2.1MPa.

4. No matter whether the fire extinguisher has been used or not, the expiration of three years from the factory year and month, and every other year thereafter, the fire extinguisher must be sent to the designated maintenance unit for hydraulic test, and it can be used only after being qualified.

5. When this fire extinguisher extinguishes electrical fires, the spray distance must be greater than 1 meter. When cleaning the scene after extinguishing a fire, the power must be cut off.

6. When repairing and refilling the fire extinguisher, it is recommended to read the "Portable Water-based Fire Extinguisher Repair Manual" of our company, and repair and refill according to its requirements and recommendations.

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