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Suspended hexafluoropropane fire extinguisher

2020-10-12 15:37:58

product details

1. Introduction

XQLW8/1.2 and XQLW12/1.2 suspension hexafluoropropane fire extinguishing devices are composed of tanks, temperature-sensitive glass nozzles, pressure indicators, suspension rings, etc. The tank is filled with hexafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent (HFC-236fa), filled with an appropriate amount of driving gas nitrogen, and its technical performance meets the requirements of the GA13-2006 standard. The nozzle of the device is equipped with a temperature-sensitive glass nozzle. When a fire occurs, the temperature rises to the set operating temperature of 68°C, and the liquid in the glass ball expands, causing the glass to swell and break. The hexafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent (HFC-236fa) in the tank Propelled by the driving gas nitrogen, it is sprayed out for automatic fire extinguishing.

XQLW8/1.2 and XQLW12/1.2 suspended hexafluoropropane fire extinguishing devices have the advantages of high fire extinguishing efficiency, low corrosivity, good insulation performance, no pipelines, wireless circuits, and reasonable structure. In particular, the hexafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent (HFC-236fa) in the tank is non-corrosive, non-conductive, and non-residue, can be stored for a long time without deterioration, and has high fire-extinguishing efficiency. It is not only used for full submerged fire extinguishing in relatively closed spaces, but also used for local protection in open places to extinguish fires with high efficiency. .

XQLW8/1.2 and XQLW12/1.2 suspended hexafluoropropane fire extinguishing devices are suitable for oil depots, paint warehouses, power distribution rooms, drying rooms, some closed places and other places where no one works frequently, as well as some laboratories, computer rooms, and civil/ Military aircraft is one of the indoor automatic fire extinguishing equipment.

2. Main performance parameters


Extinguishing agent weight


Filling nitrogen pressure at 20℃


Spray time


Action temperature

Operating temperature

Fire fighting method

Protective volume








Local Class A and B fire








Local Class A and B fire


3. Schematic diagram of suspended fire extinguishing device

1. Hanging rings

2. Tank body [Hexafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent (HFC-236fa) filled with driving gas nitrogen]

3. Pressure indicator

4. Temperature sensing glass nozzle


4, Installation, use and maintenance instructions

1. The suspension point of the fire extinguishing device should be selected at a location prone to fire in the protection zone or above the object to be protected, and the suspension height should be more than 1 meter above the protected object, but should not exceed 3 meters.

2. The fire extinguishing device is a pressure-storage container, and collisions should be avoided during transportation and storage. The environment in the protection area of the fire extinguishing device should be dry and ventilated to prevent freezing, dampness, rain and sun exposure.

3. The storage temperature of the fire extinguishing device is 0℃~+50℃.

4. When the user starts to set up the fire extinguishing device, he should check at quarterly intervals and find that the pressure indicator is not in the green area or should be sent to the maintenance unit for repair once it is used.

5. The fire extinguishing device must undergo a 3.9MPa water pressure test every time it is refilled or every 5 years, and it can be used only after it is qualified.

6. The working pressure of the fire extinguishing device is 2.6MPa.

7. When the fire extinguishing device is repaired and refilled, our company provides priority services.

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